Friday, November 09, 2018

We sure scared hunger!

The SPIN Club ran the "We Scare Hunger" campaign at the end of October. This week, Winnipeg Harvest picked up the donations of food and it weighed a total of 333 pounds! Thanks for supporting this activity.

Mr. Altomare recently met with representatives from Abundant Life Lutheran Church. BHS will once again be collecting food for hampers for our area. Last year, the church provided 64 hampers at Christmas. Some information was shared with families today . . . check your email!

We Remember . . .

A collaborative bulletin board for
Remembrance Day.
We've had a super busy week in Room 31! The students are working so hard on science and social studies projects that our class is a whirlwind of creativity (and clutter)! Ha! We were visited by a consultant with the division that was at BHS for 4 days this week to work with Grades 1 to 5 on Treaty Training and Indigenous Awareness. We were lucky to have one of our classmates dance for us and describe the excitement of attending a pow wow. Today, the students were so respectful at the Remembrance Day Assembly, hosted by the Grade 2/3 classes.

Here is Landyn's TWAS  . . .

On Monday we had our first treaty training class with Ms. Smith she told us about the Dakota people.

On Tuesday we had gym we played dodgeball and mission impossible that’s a dodgeball game.

On Wednesday we had Ms. Hendricksen for a sub in the afternoon when Ms. Wasney was at a eye appointment.

On Thursday we had our last treaty training class that we had and watched Diamond and Karleah dance.

On Friday we had the remembrance day assembly the grade 2/3 sang a song and we watched a video that they made!!!!!!!

Friday, November 02, 2018

A snowy end to the week!

We've had a great week full of excitement . . . welcoming Rilla; a new student on Monday, WE Day for SPIN Club on Tuesday, Halloween on Wednesday, Movember Attendance on Thursday and seeing fresh snow today!

Here is Kaylee's TWAS . . .

On Monday we did weekend wind up. Weekend wind up is where you share about your weekend.                             

On Tuesday we did book buddies. Book buddies is where you read with your book buddies.                                                  

On Wednesday we did Halloween parade and party. and it was fun.                                                                                    

On Thursday we did BHS reads. BHS reads is where you read for a bit and then you switch up your books.                 

On Friday we did library. In library we pick out books.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

SPIN Club at WE Day!

Today, Mrs. Tresoor and I took 22 Grade 5 SPIN Club members to Bell MTS Place for WE Day! It's always an inspiring day to look around at the crowd of 15 000 students and teachers and appreciate all the messages of hope, kindness, and empowerment.

You can't buy a ticket to WE Day. You EARN it. So the work from last year's SPIN Club allowed us to attend today. Talk about paying it forward!

A highlight was at the end of the day while waiting for our bus, the founder of WE Schools and WE Day, Craig Kielburger stopped to snap a pic with us!  :)

Be sure to look in an upcoming newsletter for our thoughts on the day!

Friday, October 26, 2018

Super SPIN Club!

Last Friday, Mrs. Tresoor and I dropped of 374 pairs of socks at Mosaic Newcomer Resource Network. We've been donating the socks there for the last few years. 

Our "We Scare Hunger" campaign will be wrapping up next week. And we have received LOTS of food! We're looking forward to weighing it to see the final totals.

Yesterday, the SPIN Club was featured in a special WE Day insert in the Winnipeg Free Press! The article talked about our "Kiss a Goat" campaign from last spring. 

SPIN Club members are heading to WE Day on Tuesday, October 30th, and are asked to be at the school by 7:50am!

A Spooktacular Week!

We started the week with Monster Selfies and ended the week with the Haunted House in the gym! We are so lucky to have Mrs. Rand and Mrs. Walker set up an awesome activity for the entire school! The students in our class and Mrs. Dyck's class were able to sign up to help the little kids at stations. So that's a perk for being the oldest in the school. And, well the Grade 4s in Room 31 are just super lucky that they can help out too!  :)

Here is Brayden's TWAS . . .

On Monday we did monster selfie art we used pencils sharpie we used water colors then we let it dry then Ms. Wasney hung them up on the wall outside.

On Tuesday we had gym we did the ghost goblins and ghouls we had to take the pumpkin from the other teams side if we got tagged we had to go back to our side and try again when the whistle blows the other people try to get the pumpkins.

On Wednesday we had word work Wednesday it was fun most of the words were all crushed so I could not see then so that was hard.

On Thursday we had a class meeting we always start of with as the wind blows then we do what we are looking to do this weekend then we do challenges.

On Friday we have haunted house gym and we get to feel stuff and play for a like an hour then after when we are done we go back to the classroom and finish off with the day.

Haunted House in the Gym!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Socktober update!

So far we have collected 242 pairs of socks for Socktober (which beats our total of 236 from last year)! The final day to donate NEW pairs of socks is Monday, October 15th. Then, we are starting up our next campaign with WE Schools . . . we will be collecting non-perishable food items for "We Scare Hunger" until October 31; which will be donated to Winnipeg Harvest.

Thanks for your support!

Fun in a 4-day Week!

Grade 5 Science
With this being a 4-day week, the days sure flew by! We are starting to use the laptops to type up our TWAS each week and students are asked to write about at least one thing for each day. Here is Taiya's write-up . . .


THANKSGIVING!!!!!! My cousins Hailey and Alivia came over for thanksgiving and of course my mom’s mom and dad are living at our place so they were there to. We had so much food it was crazy we had mashed potatoes and roast beef and Shrimp and we had PEROGIES and they brought a looking like 5-foot-long pumpkin pie it was delishes. And we watched some family movies and it was the best it was fun we all had a blast we also all played trouble as a family game I won 3 games


We had library and Ms. Wasney read us wonder we read 2 chapters wonder is my favourite book it is such an encouraging book I love all the characters after we were done reading we got to pick our library books I picked some classroom made books I like to read them because they are about animals.

Word Work Wednesday
We did weekend wind up I had plenty to share with the class the weekend was so long we had Friday off and Monday because Monday was thanks giving I shared that on Saturday I went to the mall with my cousins Hailey and Alivia and my mom and it was a girls night except I was not feeling good when we got there we went to some winter boot store for shoes and I picked winter boots and then we went to shoppers drug mart to get advile because I had a fever and we ate dinner there to we had A and W.


Today we had our very first early dismissal we got to go home 50 minutes early so the day felt pretty darn short but that’s ok because I would prefer not to come to school when I went home I got to slowly instead of rushing out the door get ready for gymnastics so it was nice and I got to eat dinner at home and then go to gym.

I got to start another book for BHS reads I am reading dear dumb diary 2 it is really good so far, it’s about boy troubles its good the main characters are Isabella Jamie and Hudson rivers I’m on page 48.


 We did our 3rd I think science class each grade 4 and 5 had to watch a science video we also got to use text books for the first time they are pretty fun and pretty easy I liked how they just show you exactly what to do you just had to copy what it said we had to talk about weather and clouds it seems boring but its really fun to learn about weather.

Book Buddies with 2/3Gale
We had or first spelling quiz and I was not really a spelling quiz she just wanted to know where we were at we wrote 50 words done but they were really easy but she said that after 50 they get harder and harder but I am a really good speller so they are probably going to be pretty easy.


  We had gym It was fun because we got to start getting into volleyball and it is fun and I love going to the tournament we worked on serving and I think my serve needs a little work just to keep it straight not all the way on the other side of the gym. And we worked on bumps and they are easy I didn’t have a challenge and at the beginning we got to have a rally going we got one going me and anna I was easy we just kept hitting the ball back and forward.  

We had a fun math job we used a spinner and we had to try to make large numbers and small numbers I was the best at none of them on try to make big numbers I got lots of small numbers and on try to make small numbers I got big numbers and I mostly got nines I got 9 nines all together and I got 1 three

Thursday, October 04, 2018

The first snowfall of the year!

Whoa! Yesterday, we had a surprise snowfall which had all the students in a flurry of excitement! By today, things were starting to melt, but that didn't stop a flag football practice or the making of giant snowballs to start off fort season!

On Monday, we tried out a new attendance for October and had bus evacuation. The patrols were able to help out for it, so that was neat. We met with our Grade 2/3 Book Buddies on Wednesday. And we did some writing and an art job for Thanksgiving. You can see the art on Artsonia. It was nice to read what everyone is thankful for. Lots of thoughtful students in Room 31!

Photo proof sheets and a class picture were sent home. If you'd like to order photos, please return your form and payment by October 11th.

Hope you have a wonderful loooooong Thanksgiving weekend! No school for students tomorrow!  :)

Monday, October 01, 2018

The Dog House Canteen is back!

We had a quiet first day of the Dog House Canteen today. But I'm sure we'll get busier as the month of October continues. We will be open the following days: October 3, 9, 10, 12, 16, 18, 22, 24, 26, 30, and November 1. Remember that everything is $1, except for Menchie's Frozen Yogurt - which is $2 and sold at the end of the week!

Thanks for your support!