Friday, January 18, 2019

Dog House Canteen Update!

Even though December was a short month, we were able to donate $280.16 to the CNIB. We will be back in February with a new staff and a new charity to raise money for!

Thanks for your support!

Kidblog is Launched!

We spent lots of time this week working towards launching our online blogs with Kidblog! The students worked so hard on their paper blogs and then we spent some time leaving quality comments for one another. On Thursday, the students were able to create their first post online! I sent home a letter for parents with a code so that you can join our class and follow along. The link to Kidblog can be found on the right-hand side in our "gadgets" section. --------->

Here is Maddox's TWAS from Kidblog:

on Monday we started are paper blogs my was called Manitoba Maddox I made lines that looked like loose leaf, for my gadgets I drew a QR code and a quote by  Wayne Gretzky I also did how much veiwers I had it was fake. Though for the backround I did sport balls or what ever they used in the sport, and rainbow in the backround. 
on Tuesday we got assessed in gym on paddle ball we played games against each other I played against kody, Ayanna, and Ryann. it was fun to play and I played against ms rand my squad is the red squad they're are 6 people in the red squad Reese is in the red squad were never together. 
on Wednesday we commented on other people blogs I got eight comments, and I commented on 6 people I pretty sure. when I got the comments it made me feel good about my paper blog. I'm not that good at drawing it was probably the best drawing I've ever drew hooray! 
on Thursday we did are first post on the laptops mine was like 3-2-1 sharing you typed 3 fun facts I can only remember I play summer hockey, 2 things you aren't a fan of I typed music class and spicy food, and for one it was the thing you want to be when your older I want to be a NHL player that makes millions of dollars 
on Friday we had  class meeting first we played as the wind  blows I was In the middle 1 time and I said who likes unicorns like 8 people stood up and we to a different chair but you only stand up if you like the same thing. but for the class meeting you said what you were excited for I said going away for my moms birthday and I just passed for concerns and then we had the most problems ever so then we tried to solve them and then the END  

Friday, January 11, 2019

First week of 2019!

We had a weird start to our week . . . the buses weren't running, but we were only missing 5 students in Room 31. We did some sharing about our holidays and worked in a New Years booklet. We worked on a messy art job with chalk pastels, but they are just awesome! Something that's been fun to start is our paper blogs. This is the very first step to getting our own online blogs. The students are being so creative with designing these. A new month means new spots and this time, students had the opportunity to create their own plans and layout of the desks. Then, we voted on the favourite design and today, students chose their spots.

Here is Brooklynn's TWAS . . .

The buses were not running so I stayed home. I played on the Wii I played Wii sports bowling with my brother it was so fun I also played just dance and Mario cart 8. We played outside me and my brother were jumping in hills of snow in my yard. I helped my mom clean some of the house because my brother and sister made a big mess.

We had art we made 2019 fireworks first we had to draw 2019 in bubble numbers on a piece cardstock paper. Then we had to cut them out. We put tape on the back of the tracers and stick it on the piece of black or blue paper. I picked a black piece of paper. After that we had to take chalk pastel and color over the numbers in two different colors. Then we have to take different colors and make mini fireworks on the sides.

We had to design a setting plan me, Rilla, Bapreet and Anna were in a group. We each made a design and when we were all done we showed each other and none of ours won. But the one that did is cool and we get to pick where we sit. We also did BHS reads I read a dog book with Anna I don’t remember what it’s called.

We did book buddies. We had to help our buddies on the computers with Reading Takes Flight. We had to help them submit for their class to get a chance to win 1 or 2 players from the Winnipeg Jets to come read a book to your classroom.  We also had class meeting we played as the wind blows. As the wind blows is where someone is in the middle of the circle and they say as the wind blows I like dogs and if you like dogs you would stand and move to the other side of the circle.

We had gym today we played paddle ball. I was with Anna the first round and for the second round Amelia. We also have paper blogs. I am on the gadgets part and I’m working with the sharpie and about to go on to coloring.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Reading Takes Flight contest!

Wouldn't it be neat to have a Winnipeg JETS player visit Room 31?! Today,we entered as a class for the opportunity to make this happen! You can help out our chances by entering at home too! Click HERE to get to the online form. Please check with your parents first! You have until January 25th to enter the contest!

I'm crossing my fingers!  :)

Friday, December 21, 2018

Last week of 2018!

It was a very busy week for us in Room 31 . . . especially with the Holiday Spirit Week! We created beautiful abstract cards for our families, made some snowman mugs that were "snow" cute, and finished off the week with a carol sing-a-long assembly that also included saying goodbye to Mr. Altomare. Thank you to all the parents for providing treats for our party this afternoon!

Hope you have a wonderful winter break and Merry Christmas!

See you on January 7th!

Ms. Wasney  :)

Friday, December 14, 2018

SPIN Club ornaments!

At Wednesday's Winter Carnival, we raised $293 from the ornament sales! We still have a few handmade wood ornaments left for the bargain price of $2.00 each. Swing by Room 31 next week!

Our first Winter Carnival!

This week was full of excitement! On Wednesday, we had our first ever Winter Carnival and it was amazing! We had over 500 students and family members RSVP for the event. And we couldn't ask for better weather! Thanks to the Gesell family for providing hot chocolate and apple cider and all the families that donated cookies (a total of 4 tables worth!). Inside activities included caroling, curling, a craft, and a photobooth (thanks to my sister: 4 Square Foto). Outside activities were snowshoeing, and a sleigh ride with real horses! The East St. Paul fire department and RCMP set up in the bus loop and we got to see a fire truck with a ladder extended to 100 feet! It was such a fun evening!

Here is Naomi's TWAS for this week:

On Monday
Making a cloud in Science on Monday!
We had weekend wind up it is when we share about are weekends miss. Wasney draws a name from the lucky sticks and the name she calls they can pass or share abut their weekands I forgot wat I shared abut this week.
On Tuesday
We had book bubbies me and my buddie read in the hallway we read a book about Camrose I like reading with my buddie she is a good buddie and nice.

On Wednesday
We had the winter carnival I saw miss. Wasney at the ornament area I like the slay ride and the cookie area the cookies these so so good I sang in the gym for the Christmas caroling I was beside my friend it was so so sooooooooooooooooo fun.
On Thursday
Fun Friday Afternoon! Thanks Mr. A!
We had a class meeting at the start we played as the wind blows it is when miss. Wasney starts in the middle and says a statement and if you agree you move to a new spot and the last person standing has to stay a new statement and after we are done playing as the wind blows we share something we are excited about and miss. Wasney will pass something around the circle and we will share and the second time arond the circle we will share something we are upset about but this time we did not have enough time to do another thing arond the circle it was fun.
On Friday
We had T.W.A.S. that is what I am writing rite now and I rote 263 words.

Friday, December 07, 2018

Handmade Ornaments for Sale!

This week, on Wednesday and Friday, Mrs. Tresoor and I had SPIN Club kids come to before-and-after-school sessions to create ornaments to sell at our Winter Carnival taking place next week. The ornaments are $2 each and all the proceeds will be donated to WE Schools' education initiatives in Nicaragua. There are 5 different designs to choose from and they are all ADORABLE!

Shout out to my Dad for spending last Sunday with me to cut and drill all the ornaments. :)

We hope to sell ALL 245 ornaments! Bring your wallet on December 12! We will be selling them just outside of the library between 5:30 and 7:00pm.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Thank you!

Thank you to all the families for coming out to celebrate the first term with your child! The students worked hard this past week with preparing their portfolios and that truly paid off during SLC! I was really happy to see the students so excited to share things with their families. We had lots of positive conversations over the last two days.

Have a great weekend!

Ms. Wasney   :)

Friday, November 23, 2018

Powerful Presentations!

We had a very busy week with presentations every single day! On Monday, the Grade 4s shared their animal habitat projects. Then, every day this week, we had social studies presentations from Grade 4s who studied a geographical region of Canada and the Grade 5s who researched an Aboriginal group from the early days of Canada. We started an art job that is turning out so beautiful. We will finish them off next week and have them displayed for Student Led Conferences. On Wednesday, we had our first Family Group Activity. We're hoping to meet in Family Groups every early dismissal Wednesday. The students are in groups with Kindergartens all the way to Grade 5! The patrols went bowling on Thursday morning to celebrate their hard work and dedication during the first term of school.

Here is Ryann's TWAS . . .

Monday- on Monday we listened to the grade 4s present their science projects. They did dioramas. They had to do dioramas by themselves for science but the grade 5s got a decision. We could ether work by ourselves or with a friend. We had to do rain gauges though. I choose to do it with Ayanna. So today all we really did was listen to the grade 4s talking about there projects. Eh.

Tuesday- we had art. Surprising. We have art almost every week. Not that I don’t like art it just that I’m saying that we had art this week. This art in my opinion might be my favorite art out of the whole year. It’s pretty cool. It’s supposed to look like cardinal birds in the winter. The first step was to sketch out our birds and the tree they were sitting on. After we used pastel to color them. That’s all the steps we did on Tuesday.

Wednesday-on Wednesday we had this thing called family groups. We had an assembly about it. There’s about 12 kids in each group. Then you get paired up with a teacher and all the rest of the kids are in different grades. Me and Ayanna were lucky because we got in the same group. My groups color was the black group. We got Ms. Chuckrey!! We went to her class and designed a family crest! it was cool!!

Thursday- on Thursday we did our art step 3. Step 3 was to paint. We used water colors! Ms. Wasney got out 4 water colors. There was the color magenta, light blue, purple and dark blue. I used all the colors and I made little blotches everywhere so they would look awesome together. Then we put them on the drying rack to let them dry! I was pretty happy about how mine turned out!

Friday- on Friday we listened to more social study projects. Except we had to take notes with the social study presentations. We had to listen well because we were noting down facts about what they were researching. We had a yellow paper to record 3 facts about the what they were researching. Grade 4s and 5s we had to record both grade with 3 facts. I mean it’s not the best this to do but it’s not the worst! That’s how Friday went.

Well that’s how my week went and it was pretty good!!!